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Produce software without extensive programming knowledge  - "low-code" applications and platforms are making this possible. The new tools offer companies big opportunities. Profitability increases because processes can be made more efficient and agile. 

But where can companies start out in practical terms? And what are the crucial success factors for using low-code? Find answers in our whitepaper succinctly titled "Low-code is a cultural transformation", which KPMG has produced together with HfS, amarket research institute. 

Low-code platforms allow users to compile software elements following a building block approach. You combine ready-made modules. That means you don't programme, you configure. Chief information officers should see low-code as a strategy providing significant leverage to increase efficiency and speed up internal processes.

However, exploiting the potential requires an innovation-friendly internal environment: the more cooperative the manner of testing low-code possibilities in teams, the more successful the knowledge exchange  - across teams and departments  - and thus the final process results. 

Mindset, governance, collaboration: What really matters for low-code

In the Whitepaper, our experts examine the decisive factors of platform implementation and collaboration – covering the participants' mindset, the required governance and the creative scope provided by modernised centres of excellence. Details are given on how low-code applications impact costs and IT security.

Findings from the real business world are further integral components of the report. Three executives classify current low-code implementation measures in their organisations to provide readers with guidance. According to Robert Kesterton, Head of Business Optimisation at Co-op, the British consumer cooperative (110,000 employees, EUR 15 billion revenue), experiences of a centre of excellence will in future initiate automation processes across the whole company. The objective is to increase performance and resilience.