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Despite a tense market situation for cryptocurrencies, investors’ interest in digital assets remains high - and crypto investors want to be increasingly active in this form of investment in the future. 

This is reflected in the digital assets study by KPMG in cooperation with BTC-ECHO. Prepared in October and November 2022, it is the largest study in the German-speaking region to date: More than 2,000 crypto investors took part in the survey. “Digital Assets 2022” therefore offers reliable information based on the statements of actual investors regarding the state of digital asset investments in the DACH region.

The study provides an overview of the typology, preferences and investment behaviour of investors and identifies growth potential for crypto exchanges as well as other future trends:

User typology

  • The crypto investors identified in the typology are middle-aged, have an above-average education level and are employed.
  • Two-thirds of investors rate the risk of investing in digital assets as rather low.
  • According to the survey respondents, security is by far the most important criterion for selecting crypto exchanges. Other aspects are cost, user-friendliness and the selection of tradeable crypto currencies.

Investment volumes

  • 57 percent of the participants have invested an asset value of over EUR 10,000 in digital assets. On average, around 14 percent of their respective total assets were invested.
  • One in two participants with an invested amount of more than EUR 100,000 has invested more than half of their total assets.

Growth potential

  • 72 percent of all participants are open to using classic financial products via crypto exchanges.
  • Almost half of the respondents invested in “old coins”. This is indicative of the demand for a wide range of cryptocurrencies.
  • 47 percent of investors use decentralised exchanges (DEX), which are sometimes significantly less user-friendly than users are used to with their other financial service providers.
  • Eight out of ten investors plan to invest their money in digital assets in the future - regardless of when they made their first investment.
  • Half of the participants are between 35 and 54 years old. The influx of investment opportunities through the receipt of assets from inheritances suggests that there will also be significant investment growth in digital assets.

Details on these topics can be found in “Digital Assets 2022”.