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Each quarter we aim to keep you up to date with a concise review of M&A and fundraising activity in the Technology Sector in the GSA region, together with a look at capital market developments, valuation levels and a deep dive into relevant sector issues with insights from our KPMG experts.

In this issue:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Despite the continuously rise in M&A activity, few corporate and private investors postponed or paused their investments as market volatility increased as a result of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. High inflation and political risk could leave a dent in the M&A market in the coming quarters.
  • Fundraising: Consistent with the previous development, VC-funding activity across Europe continued to surge, driven by liberal monetary policies and increasing digital adoption during the pandemic. Although VC funding momentum is likely to continue, rising interest rates and high valuations of tech targets may hinder investors from engaging in later-stage fundraising deals.
  • Kapitalmärkte: European technology stocks dropped in 1Q22, as the uncertainties around the Ukraine-Russia conflict and high inflation rates reduced investors' appetite for high-risk assets. The market is likely to remain unstable in the near future, as key macroeconomic indicators, continue to cripple the market in the aftermath of the political conflict.
  • KPMG Insights: Russia's invasion of Ukraine has caused a large humanitarian crisis and is devastating an already fragile global economy, which just managed to recover slowly from the global pandemic. This requires an immediate response from the business community. KPMG's report on “The geopolitical impact of the conflict in Ukraine” summarizes five key trends that have emerged as a result of the ongoing conflict and that need immediate attention of businesses and organizations. 

The KPMG Technology Deal Flash is published quarterly and highlights current M&A and financing activities in the technology sector in the GSA region. You can subscribe to the newsletter so you won't miss the most recent issue.. 

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