Despite the Trade and Cooperation Agreement that has been in effect since 1 January 2021 between the European Union and the United Kingdom, there are still very many points of uncertainty surrounding the UK’s departure from the EU. As the largest trading partner of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the German economy is very much in the spotlight. Those business entities that are affected have a long list of questions about the challenges that are heading in their direction, and what arrangements and consequences will flow from the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

In Brexit Decoded, KPMG experts explain the effects of Brexit and look in detail at the different kinds of consequences for those sectors that are most affected. These include the automobile industry, air transport, the health and finance sectors as well as the food and drink industry.

Many different aspects included in the checklist relate to the time immediately after Brexit. However, some questions with a longer-term perspective are also covered and will assist you in developing a successful and thorough strategy and mastering the challenges of Brexit and the period that follows.

Undoubtedly, the most important question that companies who have business relationships in or with the United Kingdom need to be asking is whether they will be able to continue to meet their commitments to their customers. You would also be well advised to analyse the individual opportunities and risks systematically. The “7 Topics That Companies in Germany and the UK Must Consider” will help you, through a detailed questionnaire, to determine and evaluate the extent to which you are impacted. Our experts look in detail at issues related to strategy, items specific to customs and international trade, tax and legal aspects, financial, accounting and transaction-related impacts, as well as social security legal effects, that may arise for companies either now or in the future.

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