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The central task of many tax functions has long been more than ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Tax professionals are being asked to realign their strategic role, identify business opportunities and risks and make a clear contribution to value. Efficient management of increasingly complex tasks with growing data volumes and the technology solutions used for this purpose are becoming the key success factors. Implementing a tax portal can help to meet this requirement.

KPMG Digital Gateway: a modern portal solution for your tax function

KPMG Digital Gateway is a cloud-based, single-platform solution for data-driven applications. It links the necessary tools for your tax function, whichever providers you use, and offers separate features for handling day-to-day operations, such as workflow components for controlled processes, a document management system for structured and central document storage, analytics for acquiring new information, and much more. Similar to apps on a mobile phone, a wide variety of tax applications from different providers can be used via the platform. The platform is based on raw data that must be imported just once to be used across different tools. This shared, universal database (single point of truth) also ensures improved data quality in downstream processes, since error-prone interfaces or media disruptions between different tools are eliminated. As a result, it enables a more intensive and meaningful use of data  - which gives you valuable insights that may be helpful in solving various tasks.

KPMG Digital Gateway provides support with structuring and evaluating your data using standard integrated data analysis tools. These results can also be used across all tools. Synergies can thus be effortlessly leveraged with KPMG Digital Gateway, and previously non-interacting applications, or "standalone solutions", can be easily linked.

In addition to working with data, KPMG Digital Gateway also facilitates process management and monitoring, with functions for defining and monitoring KPIs, tasks and workflows, as well as for creating dashboards and reports. Furthermore, the integrated news function is a useful source of information, especially during the coronavirus pandemic: the KPMG national member firms regularly deliver tax-relevant news for different tax types and subject areas, which the user can view by clicking on the world map.

And the Digital Gateway can do much more. Let us win you over  - we will be happy to provide you with a one-time, detailed introduction to the solution. Please just get in touch.