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In the first phase of the lockdown, many companies focused on safeguarding their capacity to act. Now companies need to prepare for the period after the pandemic.

Our latest whitepaper "Everything changes? The new reality: Increasing resilience and seizing opportunities" describes how companies can succeed at this. Our experts show how the post-Covid-19 world might look and how companies can prepare for this.

Adjusting your business in four steps

Four steps are key to this preparation:

1. Understand new risk dimensions: Companies first need to understand what the global consequences of the crisis could be. For this purpose, it is important to develop comprehensive scenarios for the post-Covid-19 reality based on five risk dimensions. These include future macroeconomic development and global demand and the future of the European Union and the Eurozone.

2. Derive industry-specific scenarios: Companies should use the risk scenarios already developed to prepare industry forecasts. A sensitivity matrix helps to expose sensitive areas within the company's own sector.

3. Creating medium-term resilience: In the next step, decision-makers need to ask themselves how well prepared their company is for the challenges facing its industry. On this basis, they should strengthen the company's financial and operational resilience.

4. Change the perspective: Finally, companies need to shift their focus to new opportunities. Companies on the lookout for emerging opportunities early on may find opportunities to create added value in the new reality  - such as attractive and undervalued companies on the M&A market or new growth markets.

Further information

The whitepaper analyzes the potential consequences of the Covid-19 crisis and describes six areas for medium- to long-term growth. It also includes a case study on the automotive industry.

Read the entire publication here.