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Covid-19 has been a shock for the economy. The economic ramifications of the global pandemic shall be felt for many years to come. After their initial response, companies are required to reposition themselves and seize the opportunities arising from this abrupt change. The crisis can also be a catalyst, speeding up many transformations that have been looming for the previous decade and that will now become part of the new normal.

The sudden enforcement of social distancing has given the digital transformation a significant push forward. Supply chains are becoming more regionalised due to operational and governmental requirements. At the same time, new growth markets have emerged due to adjustments in habits and changes in government priorities. Now it is a question of shaping this change in a strategic way and reaping the benefits.

Let's overcome this crisis together and seize the opportunities of the new normal.

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Mattias Schmelzer, CMO, Mitglied des Vorstands