Holger Schumacher

Senior Manager, Audit

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Focus on foundations and non-profit organisations

"Trust is good - control is better"

Since outsiders can often only insufficiently assess the work of foundations, they must have a high degree of trust in those responsible. Transparency strengthens trust in the ethical behaviour of those responsible for foundations. This transparency is served by financial reporting, which foundations can carry out in the form of an income/expenditure statement with a statement of assets and liabilities or in the form of commercial annual financial statements.

An audit of the financial reporting by an independent body creates trust and the publication of audited annual accounts creates transparency. For many years I have specialised in auditing foundations and other tax-exempt corporations

I pick up on audit-relevant issues at an early stage and offer added value beyond the audit through proactive knowledge transfer. As a reliable discussion partner "at eye level", I am also available for advice and action within the year.

  • Auditor

  • Tax consultant

  • Diplom-Kaufmann