berufundfamilie Certificate

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The berufundfamilie (“career and family”) audit is a management tool of the non-profit Hertie Foundation to promote work-life balance in business entities, the public sector and universities. KPMG was awarded the foundation’s berufundfamilie certificate for its family-conscious human resources policy back in 2006.

To create a family-friendly working environment at KPMG, we pursue various programmes and measures. These include flexible working models (Flexibly Successful), the promotion of gender equality in the area of childcare (Focus.Family), support services for childcare and contact with mothers and fathers on parental leave in order to make their return as smooth as possible.

We are currently in the re-audit process. Auditing takes place every three years. We are not only interested in taking stock and certification. Through an analysis of our processes, interviews with HR managers and focus group discussions, we would also like to identify strengths and potential for development of our HR policy together with the external experts of the berufundfamilie audit.

Here, we are not only concerned with which measures are already effective for our employees, but also which requirements our colleagues have for the work-life balance and how we can continuously improve our family-friendly HR policy.

berufundfamilie Certificate