Networks and Mentoring Arrangements

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As one of the first business networks, KPMG’s Network of Women (KNOW) has been providing a unique platform for women for many years to discuss and actively contribute to career and future topics from society, science and business.

The resulting contacts and ideas are intended to accompany women in their individual careers, strengthen their visibility in the market and enrich our work through diversity.

Since 2016, there has also been a platform for women in leadership positions of tomorrow in the southern region: KNOW Young. This arrangement enables young female colleagues with leadership ambitions to network internally and externally and to support each other.

Our REACH for Success training programme aims to best advance women’s careers at KPMG. 50 talented young managers benefited from this in 2017 alone. Another focus of our activities is on different mentoring arrangements.

Women having a discussion

In Germany-wide talent mentoring, we support female and male colleagues in equal proportions individually and in a targeted manner on their career path. Through cross-mentoring initiatives, we promote colleagues across company borders.

In order to attract more women to the partnership, KPMG also offers a one-year, intensive power mentoring programme, providing in-person arrangements and individual support for selected women with high potential.