Personal data protection (GDPR)

The GDPR brings many new requirements, especially for companies that have not previously addressed data protection. Although the GDPR implementation date is now behind us, we still encounter areas that clients are unable to handle.

Data protection is a never-ending process, just like information security. It is necessary to react to the latest regulatory developments and to monitor changes to internal processes and systems.  Currently, e.g., the Czech law on personal data processing or the ePrivacy regulations are being addressed.

At KPMG, we assist major companies in determining the impact of GDPR on their documentation, processes, and information systems. With our proven tools, we can quickly assess the state of implementation of GDPR requirements and advise on specific implementation activities. We are prepared for different types of projects depending on the needs of our engagement, from an ad-hoc hotline to a comprehensive project.

Our clients are usually assisted by teams consisting of legal, process and IT experts, allowing for a comprehensive solution to the problem.