About us

The number of tourists visiting the Czech Republic has been increasing by about 10% year-on-year. A growing number of visitors are from Asia but also from surrounding countries. According to statistics, Czechs themselves increasingly like to spend their vacations in their own country.

At the same time, the healthy lifestyle trend has taken the Czech Republic by storm. The boom in city runs, a strong ice hockey tradition and the development of lesser known sports all offer opportunities to entrepreneurs and public institutions alike.


  • We will prepare strategic documents, development concepts, programmes as well as investment plans for regions, towns and entrepreneurial schemes for sports facilities.
  • We will advise you on how to ask for subsidies from structural and other funds.
  • We can help plan hotel development projects, projects for wellness and entertainment centres, as well as with the restoration of historical sites and the revitalisation of parks.
  • Abroad, public institutions quite commonly ask for the preparation of a concept of how to attract visitors to their region. We have broad experience with the creation of such concepts.
  • Our linkage to other firms from KPMG’s global network can help us discover, where future visitors and clients to your location should come from and whether your location can withstand international competition.
  • Sports are our passion and in sports advisory, we are among the top in the Czech Republic.

Who we have helped

Our clients are developers, hotels, sports venues, international institutions, townships as well as ministries. Recently, we provided the national office for the development of tourism in the Czech Republic with a cost analysis and proposed a strategy for the further development of tourism in the Capital City of Prague. We have stood at the inception of a number of sports facilities in the Czech Republic – we have advised in the construction of golf courses and ice rinks, but also in the search for the best sports potential for Lake Milada in the Usti nad Labem region. We have helped in the development of youth ice hockey in Prague and are an official supplier of the Czech Olympic Committee.