About us

The energy sector has become one of the least predictable sectors of industry. Does it still make sense to invest into renewable resources? Do you need to find your way around new energy regulations? We will help you get your bearings in all areas significant for your business. 

The European energy market is going through a number of significant changes, among them new regulations, plans for the creation of a European Energy Union, increases in the utilisation of renewable resources and the effects of the events in Ukraine and the Middle East. We will help you assess the importance of such challenges. 


  • Thanks to the amount of experience and the broadness of our knowledge we can prepare analyses of the energy market in the Czech Republic or any other countries, including the most fundamental regulations valid in a given state.
  • Unlike other consulting firms, we focus on econometric models and application software approaches, involving among other things the forecasting energy variables, including the prediction of a distribution network’s failure rate and the production rates for wind as well as photovoltaic energy.
  • We will advise you on whether it is the right time to invest into renewable resources and which ones have the biggest return on investment.
  • Investors looking to enter the Czech energy market can request studies focusing on commodity market developments and including impact analyses for current and anticipated laws and regulations.
  • We can take a look at your entire company, including its accounting and organisational structure so that you may lower operational costs.

Who we have helped

Our global network of experts allows us to assist clients regardless of state borders, across Europe as well as the other continents.