The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted deeply the entire business community. 

Business leaders and owners are having to mobilise quickly and make decisions for the short term with implications for the long term that we might not fully understand yet.

Given the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic insofar as the disruption in the day-to-day workings of businesses is concerned, business leaders and owners are focusing on resilience measures, ensuring risks are anticipated and managed for both employees and clients.

KPMG in Cyprus is committed to keeping the business community abreast of developments which are impacting their day-to-day affairs via a series of insightful articles, knowledge sharing and alerts relating to governmental and other measures as they are being issued.

Our professionals are available to work with and support you throughout this unprecedented period, with a view to mitigating the consequences of the crisis as it evolves, for the benefit of people, businesses and our community.


KPMG Economics Alerts

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