VC investment in the Americas was relatively strong during Q2’19. While the US VC market remained strong quarter-over-quarter, VC investment in Latin America skyrocketed during Q2’19 on the back of Columbia-based Rappi’s $1 billion funding round, the largest technology VC deal ever conducted in Latin America.

Canada continued to see strong interest from VC investors, startups, and corporates in Q2’19. Fintech was a leader in VC investment during Q2, with online investor management company Wealthsimple attracting $76 million in Canada’s largest deal of the quarter, and financial software company Koho attracting $42 million. Biotech and healthtech were also solid areas of investment, with a number of mid-sized investments, including Lungpacer Medical’s $55 million raise and ABK Biomedical’s $30 million funding round.

Trends to watch for in the Americas

Moving into Q3’19, the VC investment climate in the Americas is expected to remain strong, with investments coming across sectors and verticals. Fintech, healthtech, and food delivery are expected to remain particularly hot, while agritech and foodtech are likely poised for growth.

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