Governance, risk and compliance

Governance, risk and compliance

Companies' governance risk and compliance functions are facing increasingly complex risks, regulatory and a more rigorous compliance environment.

Companies are facing more complex risks, regulatory and compliance environment.

Companies' Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) functions are facing increasingly complex risks, greater regulatory scrutiny and a more rigorous compliance environment.

Silo-based approaches to these requirements have led to duplication of functions and multi-layered GRC processes.

Despite spiralling costs associated with these effects, board executives struggle to see that these activities can generate value through effectively managing business risks, in addition to achieving the mandatory compliance and adherence to reporting requirements.

KPMG's GRC Service is an integrated framework that unifies governance, risk, compliance and assurance functions to achieve a consistent and holistic vision across the organisation.

An effective GRC Framework can:

  • Protect and enhance business value
    By fostering a risk-aware culture, supporting informed decision-making and by addressing multiple compliance and assurance layers.
  • Enhance operational efficiency
    By rationalising risk management, controls and assurance structures and processes, and intelligent use of IT and data management structures.
  • Provide a proactive and dynamic approach
    By enabling organisations to quickly, consistently and efficiently respond to challenges provided by evolving risk profiles and rapidly changing regulatory requirements.
  • Support a linkage to strategy
    By enabling companies to meet compliance objectives while improving performance by using an integrated framework in support of their strategic objectives.

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