Forensic technology services

Forensic technology services

KPMG helps organisations address the needs for evidence and discovery management, cyber incident response as well as big data.

KPMG helps organisations address the needs for evidence and discovery management, cyber...

KPMG Forensic Technology Services

The changing business environment is compelling organisations to rely on an increasingly complex information technology infrastructure. In this rapid, highly evolving digital landscape, multiple sources of data, data protection regulations and increasing regulatory scrutiny can make the data preservation and discovery a challenge.

KPMG’s leading forensic technology capabilities enable our clients to respond quickly to adverse events. Our team of highly skilled, certified forensics examiners can help companies to uncover and interpret electronic data effectively and cost efficiently while ensuring legal admissibility of the digital evidence.


eDiscovery Services

The amount of electronic data that companies produce today can be overwhelming. As a result, organisations face a variety of complex issues when dealing with electronically stored information (ESI), as well as substantial costs in responding effectively to litigation-related or regulatory requests.

KPMG’s differentiated wide-ranging approach combines people, process, and technology that cost-effectively tackles today’s complex eDiscovery landscape. Our team of multi-sector experienced and globally recognised certified e-discovery specialists and digital forensic professionals have assisted organisations and legal teams in the past to preserve, analyse and review digital evidence end-to-end. KPMG’s services are enhanced by decades of experience with both externally licensed software and our proprietary eDiscovery tools. Our tailored investigation approach and discovery processes can efficiently accommodate high volumes of data and multiple legal reviewers.


KPMG enables organisations to mitigate risks and perform end-to-end discovery management by:

  • Providing advanced, easy-to-use tools for data culling, review, and mining in native file format
  • In depth evidence extraction and sorting by uncovering deleted data, file carving and forensic de-duplication of data
  • Ensuring data protection and client data confidentiality by using multi layered encryption on data at rest and data on move
  • Providing remotely accessible review platform for external reviewers and legal councils
  • Ensuring cyber security of infrastructure by using industry leading practices for data security protocols and policy
  • Ensuring legal admissibility by maintaining a strict chain-of-custody and audit trail accountability and tracking of your data


Forensic Data Analytics Services

The volume of data and electronic information continues to grow at an astonishing rate. This growth is transforming all aspects of business and changing the way companies manage their business by enabling to take data driven decisions.

KPMG provides powerful data analytics as service offering that can create immediate value for our clients. Our tailored analysis approach, experiential learnings insights from past investigations and holistic analytics routines can help organisations uncover fraud, waste, and misappropriation of resources thus making an immediate impact on the bottom line. Our team of highly experienced data analysts provide results that are meaningful, understandable, and easily transferable to management, internal audit, or investigative teams. We use graphic depictions and tabular results to identify trends and behaviours to highlight high-risk categories.

KPMG leverages sophisticated data analytics to provide proactive and reactive fraud analysis and fraud risk assessments. comparisons, summaries, and aggregations to detect anomalies, patterns, and trends that are potentially indicative of fraud or other misconduct.  We leverage sophisticated technology and approache to gain insights on business partners, customers, and agents; analyze transactional data to help uncover patterns, biases, errors and find the relevant facts for determining fraud, misconduct, or violations of laws, regulations and company policies.

Our insight and experience, coupled with the use of technological methodologies, greatly increases a company’s ability to manage risk while providing efficient and cost-effective alternatives to meet the growing demands of today’s business challenges.



Cyber Response

As many organisations are recognising and experiencing first-hand, cyber-attacks are no longer a matter of if, but when. Recent cyber breaches at major corporations highlight the increasing sophistication, stealth and persistence of cyber-attacks that organisations are facing today. Increased data privacy regulations have not only emphasised on the data protection mechanisms in placed but have also pose a challenge to the organisations to have a robust cyber response plan in place. The loss of intellectual property, customer data, and other sensitive information—as well as resulting business operations disruption—can cause severe financial and reputational damage.

KPMG team comprising of highly technical and experienced first responders and cyber security professionals can enable you in managing cyber crisis effectively. Our team has helped organisations in developing a strong incident response plan to mitigate future threats, test working of existing cyber response plan by mock drills and respond to cyber breach. In an event of cyber breach our team can enable you to preserve evidence, understand what happened, mitigate risks and support internal, legal and/or law enforcement inquiries. Our team has investigated high profile and highly sophisticated cyber incidents like vendor comprise attacks, fake invoice attempts, phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, data thefts/breaches and crypto miner infections. We have trained many corporate security teams in effectively carrying out cyber response and containment measures. Our network of member firms enable clients to respond to cyber breaches globally and help leading organisations worldwide effectively manage and protect their most valuable data across a broad spectrum of evolving threats and scenarios.

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