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Managed Services combines its operational excellence, subject matter expertise and tools and technology to help deliver quality outputs for clients. Having worked across industries with multiple clients we have developed a robust and consistent delivery and support model for our engagements.

This allows us to leverage our learnings from across the industry and utilise our existing frameworks to help deliver quality results. All of this together allows us to execute a rapid and controlled mobilisation for our clients’ needs. This is made possible through following the 8 elements of our engagement roadmap, which help ensure quality across all of our engagements, from the operational design stage through to mobilisation and BAU delivery.

  1. Operational design - We discuss the challenges you are facing and your requirements, to design an effective service.
  2. Mobilise the project – We rapidly mobilise projects by leveraging existing templates and processes. Our technical SMEs collaborate with you on the interpretation of policy.
  3. Technology – We will assess and offer you technology approaches best suited to your engagement and have the ability to tailor Cloud based technology solutions. We can also offer access to your systems remotely and securely should that be required.  
  4. Data security – We implement industry standard data security processes so recorded data doesn’t leave the KPMG UK network and does not leave the EU, only resources screened for the engagement can access the engagement and technology is run on fully resilient and fault tolerant architecture. 
  5. Operations – We recruit people from industry who come from operational backgrounds and bring with them the breadth of experience they have in that domain. We utilise a flexible resourcing model that allows us to ramp up quickly at scale.
  6. Quality control – We have a robust, mature control and quality framework with a calibrated QC/QA model.
  7. Management information – We work alongside you to provide comprehensive reporting and insight to support your decision making.
  8. Quality assurance throughout – We liaise closely with your QA teams, agree upon a sampling methodology and participate in quality calibration and policy clarification sessions.

These steps combined with our ability to mobilise engagements both offshore and onshore, result in a streamlined service and a high quality output.