Convert your data into insight

Convert your data into insight

Equip your business to flourish by finding real value in your data.

Equip your business to flourish by finding real value in your data.

Data is the great hidden resource that flows, largely untapped, through major organisations. Analytics can convert the volume of that information into the value of insight. Advances in data science enable us to uncover the hidden patterns, connections and causal links that explain human behavior and business outcomes. Historical, real-time and predictive, those insights can drive better decision-making at every level, from individual customer encounters to high-level strategy. KPMG teams can help you build rich analytics solutions into your business processes, opening up better ways to do business, closer relationships with customers and all-round competitive agility.

We can help by offering you:

  • Data Strategy and Data Governance
  • Advance Analytics
  • Data Lake and Modern Data Platform
  • Data Engineering


Data Strategy and Data Governance

Data is a strategic business asset bringing numerous opportunities for our clients to generate business growth, manage cost effectively and mitigate risks. The Data & Analytics team tackles these challenges together with our clients through achieving an understanding of the client’s current state maturity, developing jointly a business-aligned data strategy and structured framework for governing and managing data of all kinds.


Advance Analytics

KPMG Advanced Analytics informs clients on important decisions – where challenges are often made more complex in a global environment defined by constant disruption. KPMG works with clients to unlock the value of their data through a combination of industry and specialised knowledge leveraging innovative and sophisticated technologies such as data science, artificial intelligence. The resulting trusted Analytics helps client identify competitive edges from their landscape.


Data Lake and Modern Data Platform

Data is an valuable asset to organisation, the way of storing and hosting data in organisation are deterministic to the effectiveness and efficiency for data driven decisions. Therefore it becomes critical for companies to start thinking about modernising their data platform. Not only do we have experts in architecting data lake, we also have the whole reference architecture setup with pre-built applications that can just land to customer with minimal customisation.


Data Engineering

Clients are constantly exposed to an endless flow of data from the ever growing number of data collection points. Our Data Engineering competency is supported by professionals with multitude of experience in Data movement (ETL, integration and ingestion), and Data Warehouse Architecture, all tailored to the best fit solution for the client to automate workflow and create the single source of truth.

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