KPMG Tax Seminar: Updates on Transfer Pricing 2023

updates on transfer pricing

KPMG Tax Seminar: Updates on Transfer Pricing 2023

Monday, 9 October 2023

Over the recent months, there have been various tax development that will have transfer pricing (TP) implications and impact on key business decisions. In this seminar, we will cover a series of key developments to the TP environment in the region, including our observations and experiences on tax controversy in the APAC region, BEPS 2.0, IAS 12 disclosure requirements, our views on the “patent box” tax incentive, and operational TP.  

Mandarin Session

  • Transfer Pricing (TP) issues specifically related to Chinese companies (including PoEs / SoEs) 

English Session

  • Regional updates – Recent development on TP controversy in the Asia Pacific region
  • Base Erosion and Profits Shifting (BEPS) 2.0 – Latest developments, expected impact on Company’s tax positions and implementation steps / action plan from TP perspective 
  • Operational TP – Management of TP data, processes, and governance using technology 

Light refreshment will be provided after the English session.

Should you have any queries regarding to the event, please contact Chris Lam or Jessica Luk.

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