International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on 8 March annually. This day was established to celebrate women’s contributions to and achievements within the financial, political and social arenas, and beyond. 

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of KPMG, and every year we celebrate IWD with a series of activities. To mark the 2019 campaign theme, Balance for Better, KPMG hosted an event in the ‘SHE Inspiring Talks Series’ in various KPMG China offices, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Nanjing. Guest speakers were invited to share how they promote gender equality, advocate women’s leadership, and maintain a good work-life balance. Their positivity and encouragement truly inspired us to build up our confidence and unleash our maximum potential.

The following are extracts from our guest speakers’ talks at the events:

“Women should be able to make their own choices. Whether it’s family, career – or both – they need to be strong. Know what your choice means, have your own ideas, and live your own wonderful life.”

Susan Gao

Susana Gao, Partner, Audit, KPMG China

“There is no easy life – choose what you like, strive for it and realise your self-worth from it. When you are strong, you have more control over your life. ”

Nelly Su

Nelly Su, Partner, Audit, KPMG China

“Regardless of whether you are a working mother or a full-time mother, each and every one of you are heroes and superwomen. You have tremendous pressure to take care of both yourself and your family. We are all grateful for your contribution and sacrifice.”

Sam Liu

Sam Liu, Associate Director, Markets, KPMG China

“We need a spirit of adventure in life. Dare to try, don’t be afraid of risk, and ask for help when necessary. Trust that you can conquer unknown challenges!”

Marina Tong

Marina Tong, Head of Operations, Shanghai, HSBC

“Women have multiple roles in today’s world. Whether in the workplace or in life, we hope that you will always have good beliefs. Remain passionate and keep learning. Be enthusiastic and bring light and warmth to the people around you.”

Abby Wang

Abby Wang, Head of Securities & Asset Management, KPMG China

“There are two components of balance. One is the traditional sense of balance – family, work and so on. The other is your inner peace. Know your goals and work for them, respect your self-worth as much as possible without hurting others, make the necessary trade-offs, and be honest but not too greedy.”

Tanya Tang

Tanya Tang, Partner, Tax, KPMG China

“Since ancient times, men and women have had their own ways of thinking and their own strengths. We should learn more about ourselves and each other, and establish mutual trust and understanding. Male + Female = Infinity!”

Carolyn Butt

Carolyn Butt, Lecturer, Media department, Hong Kong Baptist University

“As career women, we should make 100-year plans. Be financially independent, and maintain your independent thinking, while keeping your ability to love yourself and others. Pursue success in the workplace, hold your partner close, let your children explore who they are, follow your dreams and strive for them!”

Xie Hongying

Xie Hongying, Consultant, Guangdong Venture Capital Association

“Don’t be scared to start doing sports! Doing a 10-minute workout is definitely better than nothing. It is worth trying something new!”

Katrina Hamlin, Journalist, Thomson Reuters


“Sports wasn’t a natural thing for me, but I challenged myself to give it a shot … Try to step out of your comfort zone and just do something that challenges you.”

Janine Canham, COO, Asia Pacific, AB Bernstein


“Although the historical perspective has shaped rugby into a gendered sport, it is a game for all.”  

Robbie McRobbie, CEO, Hong Kong Rugby Union

KPMG partners and colleagues wearing purple

KPMG partners and colleagues actively participated in our events, and also showed their support for IWD by wearing the official theme colour, purple. 

Beijing office
Hong Kong office

We hope that the IWD celebrations promote a culture of inclusion and raise public awareness of gender inequality in society. Happy International Women’s Day!