We focus on business issues driving technology transformation, enabling clients to realize the return on their ERP investment.

In most implementations, companies focus on the system implementation and overlook the business transformation required for success – KPMG does both. We take a business-first approach to implementations using KPMG Powered Enterprise.

Our expertise

We help our clients along the ERP life cycle to evaluate, implement and improve ERP solutions. With special focus on the ERP solutions of SAP and Microsoft.

  • ERP Strategy: The ERP strategy and roadmap form the basis on which a company can successfully align its IT landscape with its business strategy and objectives. KPMG provides independent advice on ERP costs and solutions and helps clients to develop an effective ERP strategy and project planning according to their individual needs.
  • ERP implementation: We support our clients during the implementation, optimization or harmonization of ERP solutions (like SAP S/4HANA or Microsoft Dynamics 365), supported by our global ERP transformation approach Powered Enterprise.
  • Program Assurance: KPMG's program assurance services provides companies with an independent and objective opinion on their ERP transformation program to identify potential risks and provide concrete improvement opportunities to make these complex programs a success.
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM): KPMG’s OCM approach unveils the power of cohesively combining both, a functioning system and the understanding that change is personal. Only the collective pursuit unlocks the full potential of a new ERP system. Their interdependency shows that one does not go without the other. Implementing a new system is certainly never achieved with a one-size-fits-all solution. Both system transformation and behavioral change aspects must be closely monitored and equally prioritized.

How we help companies

With our deep knowledge of business processes, delivery methodologies and operating models, together with a deep understanding of the leading technology platforms we drive sustainable change, rising performance and lasting value for our clients.

We give our clients the confidence to successfully navigate change.

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