Organizations typically spend up to 75% of their IT budget externally both in the process of providing operational IT services, and also to drive technology and business transformations. 

These programs are central to any organization’s technology agenda and a critical enabler for organizations to achieve their digital transformation. Common challenges involve conflicting interests, complex legal and regulatory requirements, and ambiguity in an ever-evolving market of providers and technology.

Sourcing and transformation initiatives can arise for a number of reasons such as the need for external specialist expertise, scalability, cost structure optimization, or a distressed deal with an incumbent service provider, to only name a few. Our IT Sourcing and Transformation experts provide a variety of specific skills and knowledge required to drive each individual sourcing initiative while at the time integrating them into the big picture overall strategy. This way, it is possible to align IT and business requirements for the long run.

Your challenges - our solutions

We have developed specific capabilities to guide you through the critical phases of your transformation journey:

IT Sourcing Advisory

As every sourcing project means change, the selection of the right operating model and provider is a question of capabilities, economics, but also trust and confidence. We balance out the inherent knowledge advantage of providers by steering you through your transformation journey end-to-end and help you with your:

  • Sourcing potential: Identification and analysis of (out-) sourcing potential and initial business case
  • Sourcing strategy: Preparation and design of sourcing strategy and target operating model, remediation of distressed deals
  • Vendor selection and negotiation: Vendor analysis, RfX and negotiation support, due diligence
  • Transition and execution: Target operating model implementation, transition management support and incumbent exit support
  • Long-term value creation: Ensure continuous monitoring and evaluation to sustain optimal value creation in the long-term

Cloud & Infrastructure Transformation

Transformation requires stakeholders to embrace enhanced processes, so don’t let the integration of underlying technology be a limiting factor to your transformation’s success. Our services include:

  • Cloud engineering: Use of underlying cloud infrastructure as a catalyst to enable transformation
  • Workforce experience: Transformation of how your employees use and engage with IT across different functions such as the service desk and end-user computing
  • Networks and Telco: Leverage next generation technologies such as Software Defined Networking to future-proof the foundations of your IT ecosystem

Supplier Value Optimization

A transformation does not stop with the implemented solution. Getting the fine-tuning right is a key success factor to optimize the value you get out of your transformation in the long-term.

We help you structure your monitoring activities and implement an outsourcing lifecycle management that gives you full transparency over performance, risks, security, financials, and added value of your outsourcing relationships. Contact us for:

  • Vendor management: Build and implementation of a vendor management capability that oversees service, risk, and commercial operations
  • Contract review and vendor assessment: Analysis of contractual frameworks and current vendor relationships
  • Value leakage: Proactive and reactive recovery of lost value in outsourcing arrangements 
  • Licensing and software portfolio: Implementation and operations of software asset management capabilities

Your partner for every step of the journey

To be successful, these programs require a partner who is invested in every phase of the journey.

At KPMG Switzerland, we have a team of sourcing and transformation professionals with a wide range of experience across all industries, to help you make your IT sourcing and transformation a lasting success.

With a renowned global network of interdisciplinary experts, we are ready to stand by your side.   

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If you have questions about our services, we would be happy to hear from you and help you find out how we can support you.