We help customers establish efficient data management. In addition, we support companies in setting up data governance and a management structure. Thus, data is identified, registered, categorized and continuously managed. The establishment of data governance supported by KPMG gives the client the decision-making authority and therefore control with regard to data ownership, data maintenance, data quality and data compliance throughout the entire lifecycle.

Your benefits

  • Enhanced and more effective data management across all legal entities and external partners, enabling clear governance and responsibilities
  • Higher availability and usage of information / knowledge
  • Improved digital business models (business processes, analysis, forecasts and decision making)
  • More efficient business processes due to automated workflows and classifications
  • Improved decision-making by combining your data in the one place allowing for better insights into your requirements
  • Streamlined / faster processes and redundant obsolete trivial data (ROT data)
  • Secure access to confidential information reduces risk due to system-wide data compliance and mitigates information leakage

Our expertise

  • Identification, analysis and classification of your company’s information assets
  • Design of corporate data strategies, including target operating models (TOM), and the transformation of legal and regulatory requirements into business requirements to assess their IT impacts
  • Definition of standardized data management and MDM processes/procedures and establishment of a (data and records management) governance with adequate roles and responsibilities
  • Determination of corporate data quality and data maintenance processes, including KPI frameworks (data quality control) and data dictionaries
  • Identification of data lineage / optimization of data flow
  • Definition of management requirements for data compliance
  • Comprehensive assistance during the data migration process to ensure the accuracy, consistency, completeness and timeliness of the implemented data

In today’s digital economy, with its increasing vulnerabilities and regulations around data, the key question is how your business information is accessed, protected and stored. Many institutions struggle with the challenge of obtaining added value from their data, as the data is stored in different data silos and cannot be combined. Clean data that complies with all regulations and that can be aggregated correctly across the different data silos is proving to be elusive. How do you create a "golden record" and treat information as an asset?

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