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The coronavirus pandemic didn’t suddenly shine the public spotlight on the healthcare system. People in Switzerland and politicians have actually been concerned about rising costs and health insurance premiums for some time now.

This presents a major challenge for all players – including the hospitals themselves. In fact, some hospitals are finding themselves unable to make the necessary investments – in medical equipment, modern infrastructure and digitalization projects, for example – on their own.

At the same time, rising costs are on the horizon and taking the shape of higher energy and drug prices as well as growing supply chain problems.

Operational excellence programs can help hospitals better position themselves in this complex and challenging environment.

«Ultimately, operational excellence is the fine art of substantially optimizing earnings and costs while simultaneously making ongoing improvements to both the quality of treatment provided as well as the satisfaction of patients and staff alike.»

Dr. Walter Gratzer, Director KPMG Healthcare

Insights and recommendations

  • An operational excellence program can help optimize a hospital’s earnings and costs, whereby two thirds of the effect can be achieved through earnings and one third through costs. Important: Improvements such as these must always contribute to greater patient satisfaction.
  • Patient acquisition holds enormous potential: A professional referral management and fully digital patient management help in this regard.
  • A distinction should be made between the different departments, clinics, nursing and support functions (HR, IT, etc.) when optimizing personnel costs. While savings are often challenging in nursing, personnel costs can frequently be cut in administration (by pooling departments, optimizing processes, etc.).
  • Hospitals commonly lack the courage to part with unprofitable departments and seek out a better solution with a cooperation partner instead. We see substantial potential, particularly when it comes to integrated care and improving the way acute care hospitals are incorporated into the healthcare supply chain.
  • The success of operational excellence programs hinges on cultural change. A willingness to change lays the foundation for any hospital’s successful optimization.


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