In their quest to create a superior customer experience, innovative insurers are seeking out new ways to anticipate and respond to stakeholders’ needs. Looking to make customers’ lives easier, they are making better use of technological solutions and the huge volumes of data they hold to turn insurance from a mundane task into a lifestyle need.

Hear directly from our experts about the importance of digital transformation, why insurers should focus first on claims and underwriting, and how to promote innovation to improve efficiency, mitigate cost pressures, and deliver sustainable change.

Modernizing the insurance value chain

Insurers face numerous challenges – the most pressing one is digitization, because it is key to unlocking value across the organization. But for a long time, little attention was paid to this mega-trend.

From modernizing claims management to improving underwriting in life insurance, from improving reserving in non-life insurance to choosing the right solutions platform - our latest publication shows how artificial intelligence can permanently change the value chain of insurers. In addition to technical articles by our specialists, you will also find interviews with personalities from the industry.

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Powering data-driven innovations

Data Science & Machine Learning is key to driving client-centric innovations and boosting process efficiency. Insurers can use Open Source technologies to build and maintain fully integrated Data Science & Machine Learning platforms (DSML) to suit their particular needs.

To help Switzerland’s insurance businesses to develop such platforms and enhance their use of data with appropriate risk and compliance approaches, our Digital Innovation experts have compiled a report that sets out the key considerations and ways forward.

Meet our experts

The issues facing Swiss insurers are varied and complex. Developing and implementing solutions to deal with them successfully requires experts who have extensive, hands-on experience in transformation and innovation.

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