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Switzerland has been one of the largest foreign investors in the US for many years, rivalling the spend of much larger economies and populations including France or Germany. In terms of export, the US is Switzerland’s second most important market worldwide (after Germany), with outgoing trade growing steadily over the last 10 years and continuing to do so. Swiss companies are active investors across industries in the US, including manufacturing, wholesale, retail and services. Swiss affiliates are especially powerful contributors in financial services as well as pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing.

The US is an attractive prospect for Swiss-based multinational companies (MNCs) wishing to tap into the potential of the country’s huge consumer markets. Along their journey to success in the US, companies, funds and other investors typically face unique issues. A knowledgeable guide can help smooth the way for market entry and beyond. For instance, timely and comprehensive tax advice can help you cut through the complexities of US laws – especially important in a changing tax landscape.

Switzerland is also a major export market for US goods and services. Boasting an excellent business environment and competitive tax system, Switzerland is a top destination for US companies seeking a base for fast and durable growth in Europe. KPMG Switzerland supports US groups with established regional headquarters in Switzerland as well as those that are just starting out with their European growth endeavors.

KPMG Switzerland has extensive experience in assisting both Swiss-based and US-based MNCs with their expansion or restructuring plans in the US or Europe, respectively. In collaboration with our KPMG colleagues in the US, KPMG Switzerland’s professionals work closely across disciplines to deliver tailored support, leveraging collective experience and coordinating internal and external offerings. Our flexible and mobile team has the knowledge and resources to conduct engagements of all sizes in the US, Switzerland or both. As your one-stop-shop partner, we provide the full spectrum of high-quality services that you need to achieve your US-related business goals.

KPMG’s US market expertise

  • Market entry and beyond. We support your journey to or from the US, from market entry in the US or Europe via Switzerland. We help you through the critical initial phase of business development, including evaluation of the most appropriate site and use of financial incentives, as well as with ongoing management.
  • Buying a business. If you are considering buying a business in Switzerland or the US, KPMG’s integrated team of specialists helps you ask and answer the right questions throughout the acquisition life cycle.
  • Selling a business. If you are considering selling a business in Switzerland or the US, KPMG’s integrated team of specialists works with you to ask and answer the right questions throughout the divestment process.
  • Collaborating. Creating and setting up a successful joint venture or business alliance involves specialized skills. Employing a global mindset, KPMG’s integrated team of specialists supports you through the life cycle of a joint venture or alliance in or between the US and Switzerland.
  • Funding a business. Optimizing your capital structure is essential to sustainable growth, especially during expansion abroad. KPMG’s integrated team of specialists guides you through the process of raising capital in both the debt and equity markets.
  • Fixing a business. The right business transformation strategy can drive a rapid turnaround from crisis to value realization. KPMG helps you get control by reviewing your options and building a sustainable turnaround plan.

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