We work with our KPMG network across the globe, providing deep-seated local expertise to expand your footprint successfully. - Reiner Denner

Stepping into Africa

KPMG Switzerland works with member firms across the continent to help you understand the complexities of doing business in this promising growth region. With close links to 34 KPMG offices serving 54 countries in Africa, we can mobilize the precise resources that you need to realize your specific country and sector initiatives. Our deep expertise on Africa’s opportunities supports Swiss headquarters in setting up efficient structures. Getting it right from the start enables tax-efficient capital allocation and payment to the headquarters, and facilitates compliance with local regulations. It also means an up-to-date supply chain that considers specific local restrictions and customs requirements.

Successful African companies are also discovering the Swiss and European markets. Boasting an excellent business environment and competitive tax system, Switzerland is a top destination for international firms seeking a base for fast and durable growth in Europe. KPMG Switzerland can help smooth the way for the next step in your company’s transformation.

KPMG’s expertise in and out of Africa

  • Understand the continent. Country level information on the socio political and economic situation, and market research.
  • Navigate new territory. We provide advisory services to guide you away from risks and towards best-informed opportunities and to assist you in managing the different regulations.
  • Specific services. Drawing on links with KPMG member firms in Africa, we narrow down our services to country, sector or even product-specific advice.
  • Team up. Identify business partners and employees with the skill set needed for your business

Key contacts

Reiner Denner, Partner, Tax

André Guedel, Head of International Headquarters


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