Sustainable Finance is growing in popularity as asset owners look for investments that provide a financial return and generate measurable benefits for the environment and society. Increasingly, investors and companies are incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk and opportunities when making investment decisions and throughout the investment life-cycle to allocate and protect capital effectively.

Customers, employees, investors, regulators and the public are placing greater focus on ESG than ever before. This is leading to changes in the options available to corporate borrowers to raise capital – as well as in the way financial services distribute it. Sustainable finance rewards those who perform well on ESG factors, enables lenders to comply with regulations while offering new products and gives more options to borrowers.

How we can help our clients:

  • ESG due diligence
  • Impact investing strategy
  • ESG integration and implementation
  • Green, social and sustainable bonds
  • ESG principles based frameworks

Insights and resources

Resources, insights and tools supporting your organization's ESG and sustainability strategies and goals.

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KPMG can help organizations enhance, accelerate, and build a sustainable future that drives growth and profitability.

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ESG due diligence provides data and insights into the success and value of an organization’s ESG performance and policies. These will vary based on an organization's ESG strategy. KPMG Canada can help clients integrate ESG into M&A strategy, portfolio management, and target identification.

Integration of ESG in responsible investment, financing, insurance, and corporate finance strategies and processes. KPMG in Canada can help clients leverage financing options to reduce upfront capital outlay and increase ROI of ESG projects.

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