Laura's Shoppe (P.V.) Inc. - (2015 - 2016)

Laura's Shoppe (P.V.) Inc. - (2015 - 2016)

Creditor and stakeholder information

Creditor and stakeholder information

On July 31th, 2015, Laura’s Shoppe (P.V.) Inc. ("Laura", the "Company" or the "Debtor") filed a notice of intention to file a proposal pursuant to Section 50.4 (1) of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (the "BIA") and KPMG inc. (“KPMG”) has consented to act as Trustee under the proposal.

On August 12, 2015, the Commercial Division of the Quebec Superior Court of the District of Montreal (the "Court") has issued an order (the "Initial Order") pursuant the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act ("CCAA") which provides a stay of proceedings against the Debtor until September 11, 2015. This delay has been extended to November 30, 2015.

Pursuant to the Initial Order, KPMG was appointed Monitor of the Company and the proposal proceedings commenced by Laura under the BIA are hereby taken up and continued under the CCAA.

Pursuant to the Order for the Filing of the Plan of Compromise and Arrangement and the Calling of a Creditors' Meeting, a meeting of Creditors will therefore be held on November 19, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time) at the Hilton Garden Inn, 380 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 0B1, in the James McGill ABC Room. All the documents in relation to this meeting are available on our website.

Contact information
Local: 514-840-2311 (local) / 1-866-930-4911 (Toll free)


Creditor's Meeting documents

Notice of creditors' meeting [PDF 41KB] - 11/5/2015

Proxy [PDF 64KB] - 11/5/2015

Order for the filing of the plan of compromise-arrangement and calling of a creditors meeting [PDF 306KB] - 10/23/2015

Re-amended Plan of Compromise and Arrangement [PDF 2628KB] - 11/18/2015

Service list

Service list [PDF 48KB] - 4/22/2016

Court Orders pursuant to CCAA

Initial Order [PDF 9890KB] - 8/12/2015

First extension Order [PDF 78KB] - 9/11/2015

Claims Procedure Order [PDF 1173KB] - 9/11/2015

Order in respect of supplier agreements [PDF 93KB] - 9/11/2015

Order for the Filing of the Plan of Compromise and Arrangement and the Calling of a Creditors' Meeting [PDF 306KB] - 10/23/2015

Order for new financing [PDF 1212KB] - 10/30/2015

Sanction Order [PDF 2954KB] - 11/27/2015

Order for Refinancing [PDF 778KB] - 12/11/2015

Amending the Claims Procedure Order [PDF 2112KB] - 12/11/2015

Order (Re Valuation of Landlord Claims) [PDF 2838KB] - 1/22/2016

Order re Settlement of Exempted Claim [PDF - 50KB] - 4/21/2016

Second Order amending the Claims Procedure Order [PDF 52KB] - 4/21/2016


Certificate of the Notice of Intention [PDF 112KB] - 7/31/2015

Certificate of Implementation [PDF 223KB] - 11/30/2015

Certificate of performance [PDF 284 KB] - 12/15/2016

DIP Financing

Application for Interim Financing Charge [PDF 5179KB] - 8/10/2015

Notice to creditors

Notice of Intention [PDF 4940KB] - 8/1/2015

Notice to creditors- CCAA [PDF 27KB] - 8/18/2015

List of known creditors – CCAA [PDF 378KB] - 9/18/2015

Notice to creditors - Approval of the Plan [PDF 38KB] - 12/8/2015

Instructions to creditors and Proof of Claim

Instructions to creditors and Proof of Claim [PDF 1487KB] - 9/18/2015

Monitor's report

Prefiling Report of the Proposed Monitor [PDF 4626KB] - 8/11/2015

Monitor's first report [PDF 1509KB] - 9/9/2015

Monitor's second report [PDF 130KB] - 10/22/2015

Monitor's third report [PDF 164KB] - 10/29/2015

Monitor's fourth report [PDF 143KB] - 11/17/2015

Monitor’s fifth report [PDF 77KB] - 11/25/2015

Monitor's Sixth Report [PDF 68KB] - 1/10/2016

Motions under CCAA Proceedings

Motion to Continue a Restructuring Proceeding Under the CCAA and to Obtain an Initial Order [PDF 2844KB] - 8/10/2015

Motion seeking the examination of Debtors representative Kalman Fisher [PDF 513KB] - 8/24/2015

Motion for a Claims Procedure Order [PDF 3352KB] - 8/31/2015

Motion for an Order Extending the Stay Period & to Amend the Initial Order [PDF 2927KB] - 8/31/2015

Motion for Orders in respect of Suppliers Agreements [PDF 53KB] - 9/3/2015

Motion to Rescind or Vary the Initial Order and Other Relief [PDF 2584KB] - 9/3/2015

Motion for the Filing of the Plan of Compromise and Arrangement and the Calling of a Creditors Meeting (exhibits included) [PDF 5253KB] - 10/16/2015

Application for an order for new financing [PDF 6883KB] - 10/30/2015

Motion for sanction of the petitioner's re-amended Plan of Compromise and Arrangement and for other relief [PDF 10152KB] - 11/19/2015

Application for an Order for Refinancing with updated notice [PDF 6062KB] - 12/7/2015

Motion for Directions re Landlords Claims [PDF 64KB] - 12/7/2015

Motion to Amend the Claims Procedure Order [PDF 46KB] - 12/7/2015


Motion Seeking Apointment of Receiver [PDF 3760KB] - 8/7/2015

Contestation of the Debtor-Respondent to the Petitioner's Motion seeking apointment of Receiver [PDF 1332KB] - 8/10/2015

Motion for leave to appeal [PDF 3016KB] - 8/19/2015

New Notice of Presentation (Motion for Leave to Appeal) [PDF 254KB] - 8/21/2015


Jugdment on motion seeking appointment of receiver [PDF 1576KB] - 8/12/2015

Judgment on Motion for leave to appeal [PDF 324KB] - 9/3/2015


Notice to creditors 2nd distribution [PDF 67 KB] - 8/17/2016

List of creditors and distributions [PDF 196 KB] - 12/16/2016

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