British Controlled Oilfields ltd

British Controlled Oilfields ltd

Creditor and stakeholder information.

Creditor and stakeholder information.

Procedures pursuant to Article 211 and 215 of the Canada Business Corporation Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. C-44, as amended (the “CBCA”)

In the matter of the Liquidation of British Controlled Oilfields Ltd. (the « Company »).

On November 22, 2019, the Commercial Division of the Superior Court of Québec, District of Montreal (the "Court"), issued an order appointing a liquidator and ordering a judicial liquidation (the "Appointment Order"), in relation to the Company. As per the terms of the Appointment Order, KPMG Inc. was appointed liquidator (the "Liquidator") to act as liquidator for all of the Company’s assets, to report to the Court and obtain approval of any sharing of the Company’s assets, if any.

On November 22, 2019, the Court also issued an order for the processing of Claims (the "Claims Procedure Order"). The claims process is intended to facilitate and expedite the identification and review of the creditors and shareholders of the Company and to enable the Liquidator to process and settle all Claims against the Company.

The terms not otherwise defined herein have the meaning ascribed to them in the Appointment Order and the Claims Procedure Order.


Court Orders

Order appointing a Liquidator and ordering a Judicial Liquidation [PDF 394K] - 2019-11-22

Claims Procedure Order [PDF 350K] - 2019-11-22

Order for an extension of the bar date and other ancillary reliefs - 2020-09-15 [PDF 61 Kb]


Motion for an extension of the bar date and other ancillary reliefs - 2020-09-04 [PDF 227 Kb]


First Report of the liquidator on  the liquidation of British Controlled Oilfields - 2020-09-01 [PDF 1 MB]


Notice to Stakeholders [PDF 62K] - 2019-11-25

Notice of Revision or Disallowance [PDF 76K] - 2019-11-25


Instructions on how to complete the Proof of Claims [PDF 102K] - 2019-11-25

Proof of Claims form [PDF 112K] - 2019-11-25


Creditors list [PDF 516K]

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