Just 20 years into the 21st century, we have already seen remarkable changes that we could never have anticipated. We've come up with 20 predictions that explore what the next 20 years may have in store for your organization.

'Art is in the eye of the beholder' will have a whole new meaning in 2041, as artificial intelligence (AI) will be able to create films and music tailor-made to the desires and tastes of a particular audience. Using sensors on and inside your body and biometric data that measure your interests and mood, AI will be able to determine such things as a movie's genre, plot, music and ending for you. Movies will actually be made for each and every one of us – ensuring maximum enjoyment and value. So, while AI may write the next Oscar Best Picture, that picture will actually be one with multiple outcomes.

A film written and created by AI and CGI will win an Oscar

Two decades from now, art, which currently is thought of as a more technology-free zone, will be improved by AI. AI-enabling machines will 'learn' preferred aesthetics and produce artistic works—in some cases better than humans.

AI, which is already being used in Hollywood to determine which scripts will make it to the big screen and how viewers want a movie to end1, will use its accumulated learnings to write scripts from scratch.

The technology of 20 years from now will have an advantage that humans lack when it comes to art: the knowledge of what makes each individual tick. This will allow the AI-driven director to adapt film, in real time, based on feedback about the viewer's physical and mental reactions.

Competition between humans and technology in the world of art will lead to different award categories being created—for humans and for robots—but technology may become so sophisticated that it will be impossible to tell if a film was made by AI and CGI. A famous actor may win awards for a film they didn't actually participate in.

Music and visual arts will see similar transformations. AI will evolve our understanding of art and culture and help us create in entirely new ways. This burst of creativity—and unprecedented competition—could mark a technological renaissance in art. It will also augment the creative process for human artists, by helping with more mundane tasks, such as mixing paints or writing out a musical score.

1 How Canadian-made artificial intelligence is helping Hollywood write better scripts, CBC, June 23, 2018

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