Just 20 years into the 21st century, we have already seen remarkable changes that we could never have anticipated. We've come up with 20 predictions that explore what the next 20 years may have in store for your organization.

You will see a world two decades from now in which healthcare and human wellness are transformed. Technology we are already seeing today will see greater advances that will also allow us to collect data about our health and improve our lifestyles, environment, and well-being in a proactive way. Smart sensors and connected devices, health tracking enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated analysis of biomedical and behavioural data will allow us to live healthier lives and reduce burdens on and costs of the healthcare system.

Wellness will change our lives

Two decades from now we won't just be wearing devices that track our bodies' activities, but we'll actually have sensors that are implanted inside our bodies. The data from these will feed into user-friendly, financially viable health platforms that monitor every aspect of our well-being around the clock, acting like an AI-enabled health coach. Emotion sensors will let doctors and patients gain insights into a patient's state of mind to optimize their mental health.

In 20 years, we will be mining data in our physical environment too. Smart fridges—and even smart toilets—will collect health and wellness data. All these health platforms will help people identify nutritional deficiencies and potential health conditions early on, so they can connect to the proper care professionals at the right time—via telehealth or in-person—and increase the likelihood of recovery or improvement.

Micro-personalized precision medicine will be ubiquitous 20 years from now, drawing data from all these various devices to help doctors build a comprehensive picture of a person's health, and recommend the best medical approach. AI tools will be able to give healthcare professionals a rich set of wellness data to help people make better decisions about health and lifestyle, such as which medications they need or how to eat better or exercise more. Not only will this help to avoid harmful side effects and ensure better outcomes, but it will also avoid the costs of unsuccessful treatments and lower overall healthcare costs.

We'll see a shift from reactive healthcare that focuses on illness to a proactive, holistic approach to well-being that makes us active partners in a value-based healthcare system. By actively participating in our own health and wellness with the help of technology, we will have greater control over our biodata and personal health outcomes.

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