Just two decades into the 21st century and we've already seen remarkable changes that our 20th century selves could never have anticipated. In the 1990s, no one had a smartphone or knew how to "tweet". The world around us is being transformed by technology. If so much can change in such a short time, what do the next 20 years have in store?

We asked KPMG in Canada subject matter specialists, across industries and sectors, to tell us how they think the world will change in the next two decades. They were tasked with analyzing today's emerging trends to develop a coherent vision of what tomorrow might look like. That allowed us to compile 20 predictions about the trends that will shape the next 20 years—and transform our lives for the better.

This series looks at how new technologies could evolve and how these advances will change every facet of our lives, including the industries and sectors that drive them. Technology could significantly improve our health and well-being, allowing humans to easily live to a 100. It may foster work that is less of a chore and more of a passion. It could enable us to have more personalized experiences. These technologies will underpin our response to climate support by providing us with tools to help create both a sustainable planet and a sustainable economy.

These forecasts span every aspect of our lives. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing, data analytics, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) are set to radically transform the way we live, work and play. But our future gazers are also convinced that humans and machines will work together: New technologies will augment our attributes as humans, not render them irrelevant.

But with these new technologies will come an increased need to establish safeguards around the issues of data security, privacy and ethics. Public support for, and trust in, these advances will require government, business and regulators to build in stringent rules, processes and mechanisms to protect against abuse and ensure the public interest is served. The development of these safeguards will need to occur in parallel with the advances in technology.

While it's impossible to predict the future, our experienced professionals provide some guidance on how the world is evolving—to help you figure out if your organization is prepared for the road ahead.

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