The Canadian real estate sector is on its way to uncovering the benefits of what it means to be data-driven

When it comes to new and improved real estate technologies, Canada’s appetite for enhanced business models and digital capabilities is growing, even if the country might not be considered a leader when compared to global peers.

As a result, our real estate industry is primed and ready for PropTech innovations, with the next step being the adoption of digital transformation in an effort to keep up with changes that have occurred with the pandemic.

Leveraging insights from KPMG International’s Real Estate Innovations Overview, ‘Canada’s PropTech journey’ explores Canadian companies and their contribution to the sector. Interspersed with commentary from Saqib Jawed, our PropTech Lead, the slipsheet shines a light on homegrown organizations in their journey to become digitally forward and adapt to evolving trends in the workplace.

Read more to discover how real estate companies in Canada are contributing on a global scale, the hybrid nature of the workplace of the future, as well as how KPMG can help businesses capitalize on the opportunities provided by PropTech.

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