​In 2021 societal changes brought more attention to inclusion and diversity. In this age of transparency, businesses must act proactively to implement strategic inclusion and diversity practices. It has become increasingly important for organizations to adopt I&D initiatives in order to foster an enjoyable work environment for their employees. Learn how to consider your own organizations' unique context, meet with the stakeholders you want to include, understand where they are at, and guide them along their own individual transformation journey.

Unique inclusion and diversity considerations for boards:

1. Culture - what I&D means to the organization in the longterm and design a roadmap of initiatives
2. Equity – evaluating progress on creating fair opportunities and equitable access at an individual and organizational level.
3. Environment – Understanding connections between employee health and wellness and organizational success
4. Performance - Embed I&D principles into talent processes to attract people
5. Progress - Quantify the potential financial benefits of a strong I&D program
6. Governance - Holding the company socially accountable to its workforce and other stakeholders

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