Healthcare organizations have earned the gratitude of society for their role in responding to the pandemic. Now, as we begin to emerge from the crisis, many organizations are once again setting their sights on the future.

Through KPMG International's inaugural Healthcare CEO Future Pulse, 200 health leaders from Canada and around the world were surveyed on a number of topics that include: the impact of COVID-19, workforce, leadership, digital health use, partnerships, and shifting perspectives in the areas of patient centricity and delivery models.

All participants oversee medium-to-large hospitals, health systems, and care provider networks that span privately and publicly funded systems. The uncovered insights were elaborated on through in-depth interviews with health leaders who shared stories of success, reflected on obstacles, and revealed their thoughts on future plans and how to get there.

If there is one common thread in the results, it is that Canadian healthcare executives expect and welcome reform – with 63 percent of CEOs believing that healthcare needs disruption and change and 79 percent expecting that all aspects of care delivery models will be transformed within the next three years.

75% of Canadian respondents say they are concerned about their organization's ability to adapt to new operating models and how it will affect their workforce.

92% of Canadian respondents say their organization is focusing on the customer/patient experience today, while 88% recognize there is still room for improvement.

Looking forward cautiously, there appears to be a silver lining: the opportunity to leverage the valuable learnings from the pandemic to build back stronger, accelerate transformation and improve support for the workforce. KPMG has identified 10 perspectives for leaders to action today to help build for tomorrow. The transformation of healthcare towards a more integrated, patient-centred and digitally-enabled model is within our reach.

As we recover from COVID, leaders clearly understand the window of opportunity that has been created to accelerate transformation efforts across digital, workforce and new care delivery models.

Gordon Burrill
National Health & Life Sciences Industry Leader

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