66% of Canadians in a recent KPMG survey say they're satisfied with their current virtual work from home environment but 63% want to return to their physical workplace or office space due to challenges such as virtual fatigue, mental health and social withdrawal. The reality is, for many organizations, remote work is here to stay.

In fact, these competing preferences have given rise to a new and evolving hybrid workplace, and 71 percent of surveyed Canadians believe hybrid work should be the new standard.

While a hybrid work model in this era of new normal lends itself to a more flexible, engaging and talent-friendly operation, there are significant legal, compliance, and employee engagement considerations that organizations will need to navigate for it to be successful. Our Hybrid Workplace guide provides the insights and resources you need to effectively empower your hybrid workforce and prepare your organization for the future of work.

In this eBook, you'll discover:

  • The business case for building a hybrid workplace: What are the benefits of a hybrid work model? - from employee attraction and retention to achieving enterprise-wide cost efficiencies.
  • The flexibility imperative: How do you create a successful hybrid workplace model that balances employees and organizations' needs and wants? From remote work to safely supporting more face to face interactions.
  • The building blocks of a hybrid workplace: We address human, organizational, regulatory, digital and physical considerations, and aspects such as how do you manage digital and cybersecurity when working from home in a hybrid workplace model? How can management lead by motivation and results for better employee engagement?
  • Returning to the physical workplace: How do you ensure a safe workplace when employees return to the office space in a hybrid workplace model? How can you emphasize safety to instill confidence in your employees?
  • Legal considerations of a hybrid work model: What could the tax implications be for companies if they implement a hybrid workplace model? Considerations to help you navigate the risks of hybrid work, including changing policies, approaches for new vs. existing employees, and security and privacy.

How we help organizations with hybrid work

Surveying your managers and staff to understand their needs and expectations about remote work

Outlining remote work policy and guidelines

Advising on workplace health and safety models and practices

Working with your teams on defining the right model for your organization

Developing the case for change to a hybrid work model

Implementing and driving adoption of collaboration and productivity technology tools

Advising on tax and legal employment agreements and compliance

Developing processes and guidelines for your teams to work effectively in a hybrid approach

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