Digital technology has created the opportunity to transform the food and agribusiness industries

As the agribusiness industry in Canada faces challenges posed by increasing labour shortages, competition from foreign players, rising land costs, and shifting weather patterns, its future will depend on its willingness to embrace technology and ultimately build a more sustainable, resilient system.

The third part of KPMG in Canada's report 'Growing Canada: How agribusiness is evolving' explores how agriculture – typically a hands-on, traditional, human-centred industry – can implement technology to increase efficiency and streamline production.

Themes discussed include:

  • Why agriculture should be transformed into a high-tech industry
  • Disruptive AgTech innovations
  • Growth, challenges, and potential of AgTech

Are you looking to learn more about how to leverage technology within the agribusiness industry? Explore our report to uncover key insights around AgTech.

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