We're long past calling digital transformation a trend.

In almost every industry, digital technologies have accelerated productivity, increased efficiency, motivated employees and reduced costs -- and new innovations are increasing those benefits every day. For years, however, innovation in construction has lagged compared to other industries, particularly when it comes to digital adoption.

Now is the time to catch up.

In November 2020, KPMG joined forces with the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) to create a benchmarking survey to determine how far along Canadian construction companies are in their digital innovation journeys. The companies that participated provided valuable insights into various facets of their journeys to digital maturity, allowing us to analyze the construction sector's unique challenges, strategies and aspirations.

This report takes a deep dive into:

  • The current state of digital maturity in the industry
  • How to get the right people at the table
  • Where construction companies are putting their digital investment dollars
  • What hiring, upskilling and building a digital team looks like
  • Risk management threats and concerns

Download our report below to learn more:

It's time to embrace innovation.

Let's do this.

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