Human and social services (HSS) organizations around the world are facing a new reality. The ongoing challenge of being both technology-enabled and citizen-centric. Previously, governments and providers have responded to increasing demand by spending more on direct services. This approach worked for a period of time, but with the speed of change, increasing consumerism, coupled with the impacts of COVID-19, HSS organizations are now tasked with taking a comprehensive approach to technology investment, or risk being left behind.

Citizen expectations of organizations in the sector are increasing. People expect to be able to go online, get the information they need and interact with services at any time. In many jurisdictions, HSS organizations compete in markets, so those that are not able to provide access to services, good information and responses in a timely fashion could miss opportunities. But those that improve their use of technology can enjoy greater efficiencies, by standardizing processes, operating services online and providing online access to valuable resources.

In Canada, HSS organizations face remarkably similar issues. COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way society works, including the way it can support vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. Organizations have been forced to transform and create new operating environments. Research conducted by KPMG in Canada found that 84% of Canadian CEO's are placing more capital investment in buying new technology. (Source: CEO Outlook) And 92% of CEO's in Canada have fast tracked their transformation to meet COVID-19 challenges. (Source: CEO Outlook). To successfully transform into a connected enterprise, the workforce of today must embrace the work of tomorrow. Social workers, caregivers and other team members will need to be enabled with the skills and tools to work digitally with their vulnerable clients.

KPMG International's Connected support and care: The future of human and social services examines the factors challenging the sector and driving the need for connected, digitally enabled, and consumer-focused care systems. This thought leadership provides global sectoral insights on customer centricity, the impact of COVID-19 and examples of where transformation is taking place.

KPMG in Canada has taken a deep dive into various topics from the report in a podcast series below.


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