The Canadian healthcare landscape is undergoing an immense transformation. Through our work across Canada, we have observed the following common themes:

  • Integration and Partnership: Provinces across Canada are moving towards integration and partnerships amongst health entities, to improve patient experiences, coordination of services and health outcomes. A key driving factor for this integration is population health management, and this will require redesigning the care delivery models and incorporation of the digital services.
  • Digital Enablement: There is a strong realization that digital enablement will enhance access to services, decision-making, and patient self-management. This was clear during COVID-19 with the adoption of virtual care as a means of accessing clinical services. The question that now looms is – how will healthcare organizations scale and sustain virtual care services?
  • Consolidation and Amalgamation: Given system-wide fiscal strain, there is a focus on the consolidation of services and amalgamation of health entities to improve health system efficiency and sustainability.
  • Workforce Enablement: Health systems are becoming more focused on the development of People Strategies to further support their workforce resilience throughout the pandemic, particularly with provider health and wellness in mind.

All four themes signal the need for a more patient-centered, connected health system driven by a digital infrastructure that supports its patients, workforce, providers and partners. This can be realized through the KPMG Connected Enterprise for Health framework.

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