Helping life and health insurers position for success

Despite a prolonged low interest rate environment and global regulatory changes, Canada’s life and health insurance industry remains strong. Yet challenges loom on the horizon. Growth rates are tapering off, competition is rising and the risk landscape is becoming more complex. To respond, insurers will need to improve their risk management, explore more efficient operating models and enhance the customer experience.

KPMG and your business

KPMG works with leading life and health insurers on a range of issues, including financial and regulatory reporting, mergers and acquisitions, tax management, risk and capital management, actuarial analysis and the execution of numerous organizational improvement strategies.

Risk and regulatory transformation

Helps manage ORSA requirements, identify potential business risks, enhance risk governance, improve IFRS compliance, offset transactional risks and adopt appropriate risk management technologies and systems.

Operational transformation

Assists in improving business outcomes by upgrading your policy administration systems, streamlining IT project management, automating manual tasks, enhancing the efficiency of your reporting and actuarial analysis, and revisiting your sourcing strategies.

Customer experience and digital transformation

Strives to enhance customer service with data analytics, customer self-service technologies, integrated distribution channels, product design that surpasses customer expectations and well-considered market expansion plans. 

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