Current 2022 virtual summit

Today’s top challenges, along with key predictions for the future, featured at Current, KPMG’s 2nd annual virtual summit

Top challenges and key predictions for the future at KPMG’s 2nd annual virtual summit

Current 2022 virtual summit

February 7 & 8, 2022 12:00 - 15:30 EST


As we approach the third year of the pandemic, businesses and organizations are continuing to navigate headwinds, as well as understand and prepare for what's on the horizon.

Today's top challenges, along with key predictions for the future, will be featured at Current, KPMG's 2nd annual virtual summit. Over two half-days, attendees will have access to a mix of plenary keynotes and panel discussion breakout sessions where you can engage with KPMG subject matter experts during live Q&A chats. Current's interactive platform also provides great networking opportunities to connect with fellow attendees or KPMG representatives.

With topics like ESG, workforce, supply chain, cybersecurity, automation and cryptocurrency, Current is the one KPMG event of the year that covers the full range of topics that owners and leaders need to know to help their businesses and organizations set the course for success.

Who should attend

The wide range of topics covered at Current will have relevant information for leaders of organizations and business owners, as well as intermediate and senior individuals across an entire organization, including Finance, Operations, Tax & Legal, HR, IT, Data Security, and more.

Additional virtual event features:

Rapids Tech Lab: A virtual trade show featuring KPMG tools and technologies, complete with 1:1 demos.

Downstream Resource Centre: A convenient one-stop shop for all the relevant KPMG thought leadership, videos and podcasts on the topics covered at the virtual summit. Attendees can browse and download at their convenience anytime over the two-day event.

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