When most kids were into stuffed animals and make-believe, Zoë was far more interested in hard drives and megabytes. Her dad took her to her first computer club at age 11, where Zoë recalls, “It sparked something in me! We just played around on computers, but I was immediately hooked.” This experience ignited Zoë’s lifelong love of all things digital. But digital and data have come a long way from those clunky old monitors Zoë first played on.

Nowadays, digital moves exponentially quick, so when Zoë needs to find calm, she turns to her other love: Pottery. A few years back, she took a six-week-course and fell for the artform. She loves making pieces, but might love the peace it brings even more, “We live in a crazy world, where things move really fast. With pottery, things don’t. It grounds me, and I can bring that mindfulness to my week.” Rarely coming to the wheel with a plan, Zoë loves the spontaneity of pottery. She lets her intuition guide her as she shapes the clay, never really knowing where she is going to land. This only strengthens her adaptability, a skill she uses daily as the leader in the Digital, Data and Analytics practice at KPMG. “At work, we get thrown in the deep depths of data all the time, and we’re good at picking up the pieces and rolling with it.”

Trained as an accountant, Zoë was working as a CFO when she discovered her love for digital in a professional capacity. Zoë believed that the data her company was collecting held the key to something more powerful — if only they could use it properly. She began teaching herself how to build data insights and ROI. Before long, she was running reports, driving root analyses and profitability, and optimizing at every possible opportunity. The business began to see success, and Zoë began to see her new future. She enrolled in several courses, got the necessary training, and set off on a new career path.

In her current role at KPMG, Zoë continues to mine for those ‘nuggets of gold’ that data can provide. After growing her career in digital across several countries, she was drawn to KPMG for its culture, as well as the global network of member firms, “Our global network is the power of KPMG. We have member firms in so many countries that there is always someone who has the answer.” Day-to-day, Zoë ensures that everything she does, from building products to discovering solutions, is insightful and data-driven. “It’s not just about governing the data, it’s about giving actionable insights.” She works shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to uncover their pain points, then works backwards to let the data help find the solution and maximize business value. It’s not about a ‘one-and-done’ implementation, it’s about iteratively delivering long-term value.

Zoë and her team help clients face the challenges that come with our new digital world with confidence — and conscience. “The digital and tech landscape is constantly shifting, and we enable clients to leverage new tech in a trusted way. We don’t want to introduce any more risk.” She helps clients use data to get the most value from emerging tech like AI and supports cloud value realization and ESG initiatives by ensuring clients are building their data to tell the right story. But whatever value she is providing, she is always thinking ethically, “We don’t want to slow people down from leveraging and enhancing the power of new technology, but if we are going to go down this road, we need to do it with an ethical lens.” That means guiding clients on the ethical use of data, building diverse teams, and advising organizations on employee best practices. Zoë and her team never lose sight of the humanity on the other side of the numbers, focusing always on ‘the human in the loop’.

The landscape of digital and data is ever-shifting, constantly taking on new forms. That can feel overwhelming. But not to an artist like Zoë, who sees the potential in something unformed. No matter what the future brings, with Zoë’s experience, knowledge, and intuition at the wheel, we know she’s going to create something unforgettable.

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