Meet Teresa, accountant, coder extraordinaire, and self-proclaimed geek. Data transformation comes second nature to her. In fact, there’s no obstacle too complex that can’t be managed with the right tech, data and attitude.

Whether leveling the playing field by developing the first inclusive gaming platform at her university or applying coding best practices to help clients save countless hours through the automation of manual accounting processes, Teresa believes there is no problem too big for tech to solve.

“I’m using my love for all things tech, including gaming, in an entirely new way”, says Teresa. “New tax technology is creating efficiencies, increasing accuracy, and enhancing transparency.”

The transformation of the tax and finance functions means that Teresa’s innovative approach and digital acumen are translating into real value for clients. With the opportunity to flex her coding super-skills, Teresa is developing new solutions to help clients find efficiencies, improve accuracy and expedite manual processes.

When it comes to tax solutions, Teresa isn’t playing games. Why should you?

It’s not surprising that I want to use my tech chops in the accounting function. What’s exciting is that I have been given the opportunity to hone those skills at KPMG.

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