Audit quality is critical to maintaining trust. Innovation, care for people, focus on management and sustainability are some of the elements necessary to maintain high-quality standards.

The advances in the Firm’s quality management are presented in the 2021 Transparency Report, prepared by KPMG. In an environment with high levels of objectivity, independence, ethics and integrity, emerging technologies and innovative processes are allies of professionals and leaders to provide effective and excellent solutions for clients and other stakeholders.

In addition to emphasizing the Firm’s quality principles, the 2021 Sustainability Report also reinforces transparency regarding the KPMG’s main results in Brazil in 2021, by presenting a selection of indicators that reflect its values, and pillars of action and relevant material topics.

Reinforced values

In common, both reports emphasize the importance of values for the construction of indicators obtained last year. By representing what is important to the organization and guiding the behavior of professionals on a daily basis, they serve as a reference for decision-making in the Firm, for the generation of knowledge and value creation.

2021 Sustainability Report: commitment to objectivity and clarity of data

The indicators of the 2021 Sustainability Report were reported in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, the International Business Council (IBC) - World Economic Forum’s references and the recommendations of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

The purpose of the publication is to communicate clearly and objectively the activities developed by the Firm, following globally recognized parameters.

One of the highlights of this edition of the report is the 31% increase in women in leadership positions in the organization, demonstrating its commitment to gender equity.

In addition, 100% of greenhouse gas emissions were offset, which makes the efforts related to ESG factors in the activities developed by the Firm tangible. In Brazil, the neutralization of emissions has been taking place since 2014.

Another relevant data from the report is related to the level of customer satisfaction. In 2021, 84% of the customers served were satisfied with aspects such as relationship, quality, understanding of their business, technical knowledge, communication and responsiveness of the services rendered.

2021 Transparency Report: smart, connected and agile auditing

Significant investments in methodologies and technological tools tangibly demonstrate the permanent commitment to innovation and audit quality.

The KPMG Clara technology platform is an example of this. It operates in a fully integrated, scalable and cloud-based manner, enabling the use of an improved audit methodology through a data-enabled workflow that enables a more improved and consistent audit execution.

Purpose and shared values

Providing safety and well-being and taking care of the integral health of professionals is another point emphasized by the KPMG’s report. The commitment to keep the focus on people through ethical values, responsible practices and high levels of governance contributes to raising the levels of quality in the services rendered.


Advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data & Analytics, our audit quality control system, together with global monitoring, support and policies for attracting and retaining talent, work together to ensure continuous innovation.

Despite the often volatile scenarios, the use of data and insights provided by emerging technologies allow for the consistent performance of audit quality standards.

2021 Transparency Report and 2021 Sustainability Report

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