Our Actuarial practice helps you to measure and manage risks, manage regulatory relationships and analyse and improve performance.

Our Actuarial practice helps you to measure and manage risks and improve performance.

Manage, assess and understand your risk exposures

The rise of black swan events and catastrophic losses are placing the insurance industry under greater pressure than ever before. To address these shifting realities and maintain profitability, insurers must price their products more effectively, build more sensitive risk models, improve dynamic capital adequacy testing (DCAT) and enhance operational efficiency. Financial services organizations as a whole must also take steps to stress test their balance sheets and quantify their risk exposures. Achieving these goals calls for more complex and precise actuarial analyses. 


KPMG & your business

Every business is different, with its own vision, goals and challenges. Yet, as they strive to achieve and grow, the risks associated with meeting and managing financial commitments and agreements can be particularly difficult and dauntingly complex. KPMG’s Actuarial and Risk Consulting practice addresses this universal business dilemma head on. We allow organizations to optimally balance objectives against risks by helping them manage, assess and quantify their financial obligations in the context of their long-term business outlook. 


Risk & regulatory transformation

Strive to reduce risk exposures and improve capital management by enhancing compliance with evolving BMA, IFRS and US GAAP regulations and accounting standards, adopting a sound asset liability management (ALM) framework, improving financial reporting and imbedding risk assessment into your processes.


Operational transformation

Businesses continually aim to improve the processes, systems, organization and governance of their actuarial and reporting functions. Our actuaries provide a range of related services, including business model redesign, reserve modernization, assessment of acquisitions and disposals, rating factor analysis and peer reviews. 


Customer experience & digital transformation

Endeavor to maximize your client retention, revenue and profitability by enhancing the customer experience and distribution effectiveness through sound underwriting processes and governance, product development, actuarial pricing, predictive modelling and profitability analysis and reviews.

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