On April 20, 2022, the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with KPMG in Bermuda will host a panel disscussion on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (IDE). The event will be moderated by Kendaree Burgess, with guest speaker Kristine Remedios, Head of Global Inclusion & Diversity, KPMG Global in attendance. Kristine is responsible for leading the DEI agenda across the KPMG organisation of 146 countries and territories. Kristine also spearheaded KPMG’s Collective Action Plan, a set of practical steps KPMG firms will take to tackle injustice and inequality. The panel will also include Michael Hanson from Carey Olsen and Marlon Williams on behalf of the Association for Corporate Racial Equity (ACRE).

In the latest Business Matters, this issue’s main article, Leveling the playing field, Kristine discusses how KPMG is taking action to drive an inclusive working environment gloablly with the firm’s Global IDE policy.

This newsletter also contains the following articles:

  •  Three sisters, one mission; and
  • Can the pandemic be a catalyst for equality.

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