Our People: Reanna Bassett

Our People: Reanna Bassett

Read how I was able to secure a Co-op placement at KPMG as part of my Accounting degree program.

Read how I was able to secure a Co-op placement at KPMG as part of my Accounting degree pr

Reanna Bassett

Going in the Bachelor of Commerce Co-op program at Dalhousie University I was overwhelmed with the requirements since I had to secure a job placement on my own. Nevertheless, I knew that to get the best experience as an aspiring Accounting major, I needed to work somewhere that was not only respected and reputable, but also the right fit for me. Having applied for KPMG’s Scholarship a year prior to my first co-op, I had knowledge of KPMG and their Lift Off Program. Upon weighing my options, I felt that KPMG had everything I needed going into my first co-op term. Although I did not receive the KPMG Scholarship, I still applied for a co-op position and was ultimately successful.

I started my co-op term in January with the Audit Banking and Asset Management (BAM) Department. My first day at the firm was intimidating initially, as I had no prior work experience in an accounting firm or with audit work, but those feelings quickly subsided as everyone that I had worked with, and encountered in the office, was welcoming and helpful. Within my duration at KPMG, I was given a range of meaningful work that substantially contributed to engagements. That was something I really appreciated as I got to experience what real entry level work was like.

The pressure of having to navigate where your career is headed at such an early stage can be overwhelming, however, my time at KPMG gave me the clarity I needed to see where I wanted my career to go. Despite my initial fear, I learned valuable skills that I will carry with me throughout my journey as well as the meaningful connections I made.

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